Friday, 13 November 2009

Nice Things.

Hooray, a new post! After a lull in the right side of my brain I finally did a few doodles... Here is a little picture of St.Vincent, she is so beautiful, so so beautiful.

Me and my wonderful friends have a stall at the Truman Brewery Christmas market which runs from the 26th until the 29th of this month. So if you live in London or are London bound that weekend please come and see us! We'll be selling all kinds of lovely treats and gift ideas including totes, jewellery, prints and greetings cards.



Madelynn Holmes said...

she is so lovely!! i love your art :)

Fabric and Lucy said...

Hi! I'll be there..

- Lucy

Lucy said...


Anonymous said...

Very pretty picture, this is a great artwork.
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Tuittu said...

Really, really beautiful indeed! I found your lovely blog today and got crushed :) I will come back, I will!