Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Which way?

Hello! I've been thinking it's probably time to stop drawing ladies I have girl crushes on and try some actual real editorial type stuff. This image (best viewed larger) is in response to an article from 'Phsycologies' asking what to we need to feel and follow to achieve happiness. I nearly just drew tea and cats.

mmm..peppermint tea.

P.S my Etsy is shut for a mo' just while I sort my life out a bit.


kerri said...

this ia an awesoome print! i can see this in the saturday guardian magazine. . . . xx

Marika said...

So hard to choose))

You know what is amazing in your prints?? You have your own style! That is the most important thing! Keep going!)


JamieDOTBall said...

i belive in this and its nice to see :) still love tea and cats though ;)

Jack Teagle said...

Hope it's all going well, you've built up loads of new stuff recently! I need to properly sort myself out too, it's got pretty messy.

Just checked the ol' flickr and you're like the queen of flickr on there! Well done!

Chloe Ehninger said...

I like the knew texturing your doing, is it a brush or did u track down some scraps of paper to scan in the old print room? (i need to go on the hunt for scraps)