Friday, 3 December 2010


In the new year I would like :-
An adventure.
New city.
A cat. 
See more friends. 
Ride my bike more. 
Cook more.
Draw more. 
Watch more films.
Read more books. 
Hear more bands. 
Wear more colours. 


Rob Hodgson said...

some good things you missed off ze list:

- Spend more time with peas and ham
- Toot about more and potter about less
- You can only eat one loaf of bread at a time
- Obtain comfort outfit (phase 3)
- Less life stuff
- More have a nice time stuff

Denisa T. said...

nice list, on mime would be most of those lovely things .)!

Marisa Seguin said...

Lovely list and illustration. I love collections of things.

Alanna Cavanagh said...

hi clare
the list and the illo are just lovely. you're amazing.

Farnell said...

lovely blog

Amy Prior said...

All the best with your list and with a happy year I have really enjoyed your work x Amy

Emma said...

i love your work! just gorgeous. and i think my new years list is quite similar... i love this visual "list", with the tea and the tooth... wonderful.

Rachel Ball said...

yes. I like this list. and I love the illustration.

Ruby Wave said...

Love your style of illustration :)

ro said...

those same things i asked for this new year.
Congrats for such a great job here!