Monday, 9 May 2011



Eeeep, sorry there's not been a lot going on here. 

Since joining Snap I've been trying to screen print and it turns i'm not very good! So I've spent the last three weeks making every mistake in the book and getting things wrong. But I'm really enjoying it here and now that the penny is slowly dropping, and I'm gradually getting better I'm really excited about exploring my work in print! 

In other news, I am now 25 (gross) and just about to start illustrations for a book on Cycling. Hooray.

 Here's a little speculative book cover I did a while back. 



andrea despot said...

i love the little tumbleweed! happy 25th birthday! i'll be 24 soon and i still find it strange that i'm even in my twenties. but i don't really think of age or getting old. i just like that i'm older and wiser than i was in high school!

nicole said...

I love the book cover for the Jane Austen Book!

Daria Hlazatova said...

this is lovely!

Kate said...

Happy 25th! I've always wanted to try screen printing but been a bit scared, glad to hear it's starting to click with you :)

Adam Larkum said...

This Emma cover is very cool, it's simple and it.