Monday, 20 June 2011

New Post!

Aaah I'm terrible at blogging! 

I've just been away for my second stint with Marks and Spencer cards. They have the most amazing studio, with printers that can do all sorts and a foiler so I can make my pictures shiny and a cupboard just full of ribbons! Freelancers get to stay in a wee hidden cottage, where there's no internet (so no distractions) and vast fields and forest, so enjoyed some woodland trekking, did plenty of reading, had a much needed rest and met some lovely girls.

Unfortunately I can't really blog the work until it makes the ranges but here's something I did whilst away that I'm planning on screening this week.

Hope you're all enjoying this gorgeous weather (not). 


Clare xxx


hellojenuine said...

wow! that sounds like the loveliest job!

Charley Button said...

Saw your illustration in Oh Comely, cuz. Awesome!

Mickey Richards said...

Yay for the cottage! Haha. Hope all is well :) xx

Kitchen-Dreams said...

what a wonderful way to work! love the pin illustration!