Monday, 15 August 2011

Heels on wheels!

Hooray! I have now finished most of the Illustrations for a new book due early next year. Here is a teeny sneak peak of the 50+ illustrations I've done. The book is a very lovely, yet practical guide for female bike enthusiasts.
I worked digitally for this project, mostly due to time and the flexibility to change things down the line. I'm very fond of photoshop and enjoyed exploring and refining my style but I'm very much looking forward to getting out the ol' 0.5mm again.

Time to get thinking about some personal projects! 



gabrielle said...

i always love your illustrations. these are especially great... i just bought a bike myself so i would definitely love a copy of your book!

ps. what techniques do you use in photoshop when illustrating?

xo, gabrielle

Clare Owen Illustration said...

Hello Gabrielle!

Thanks so much.

I tend to create shapes using black ink and a black pencil , then scan, layer and colour. Perhaps I should do a process post soon!


sophie wilson said...

I'd love to get a copy of your book when it's released! I love bicycles, but perhaps your illustrations even more!
Please let us know when it's been published :)

Stell said...

totally gorgeous :) they look very hand-rendered and tactile despite the photoshop!

can't wait to see the book!

kerri said...

cannot wait for this to come out lady! x